How to Become Better (Developer)

Fri Jan 29 2021

Fundamentals are forever. So it would be wise to invest your time to grow those.

Writing Year in Review Article

Mon Jan 04 2021

My attempt at writing the Year in Review Article for 2020.

Interesting reads - volume #13

Thu Aug 06 2020

Woohoo, we're already at lucky number 13! Did you know that number 13 is considered lucky to the Chinese? Featuring @adamwathan, @marcelpociot, @calebporzio and many others.

Interesting reads - volume #12

Tue Jun 30 2020

We again have a selection of PHP (mostly Laravel but there are Symfony and WordPress reads as well) and JavaScript (React). Though there is a lot of assorted tech reads as well (and some CSS ones).

Interesting reads — volume #11

Fri May 29 2020

This month there may be more React links than usual due to me building a new web app using React hooks and learning the intricacies of hooks to stop DDoSing my app 😜

Interesting reads — volume #10

Thu Apr 30 2020

Another month has passed so it is time for another collection of interesting reads collected in the last month or so. Some links are a bit older but good and applicable nonetheless. Mostly PHP and JavaScript this time but there are a few unrelated gems as always.

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