Interesting reads — volume #11

Fri May 29 2020

This month there may be more React links than usual due to me building a new web app using React hooks and learning the intricacies of hooks to stop DDoSing my app 😜

Interesting reads — volume #10

Thu Apr 30 2020

Another month has passed so it is time for another collection of interesting reads collected in the last month or so. Some links are a bit older but good and applicable nonetheless. Mostly PHP and JavaScript this time but there are a few unrelated gems as always.

Interesting reads — volume #9

Mon Mar 30 2020

I know you’ve been impatiently waiting for this month’s installment of Interesting Reads. Again, a collection of mostly PHP, Laravel, WordPress and JavaScript links but there should be something for everybody to enjoy.

Interesting reads — volume #8

Thu Feb 27 2020

A lot of WordPress, Laravel and JavaScript articles and tips this month. Even though they are showcased in some framework or an app (what would you call a WordPress, a framework, or an app, or maybe both?) most of its principles are universal and can be applied to different programming languages and frameworks.

Interesting reads — volume #7

Fri Jan 31 2020

Good news, by popular demand (wink wink Zvonko) I’m continuing with Interesting reads. I know what you’re thinking — your year could not have started with better news than this :D

Interesting reads — volume #6

Wed Jan 17 2018

In this volume, there are a couple of interesting articles related to WordPress and Laravel as well as JavaScript ones (plus few goodies and scare pieces).

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