Interesting reads — volume #7

Fri Jan 31 2020

Good news, by popular demand (wink wink Zvonko) I’m continuing with Interesting reads. I know what you’re thinking — your year could not have started with better news than this :D

Interesting reads — volume #6

Wed Jan 17 2018

In this volume, there are a couple of interesting articles related to WordPress and Laravel as well as JavaScript ones (plus few goodies and scare pieces).

Interesting reads — volume #2

Fri Feb 10 2017

Another issue of interesting links & reads. Removed 'weekly' from email because it seems I'm unable to stay on schedule.

My first WordPress website

Fri Jan 27 2017

T'was the summer of 2009. when I got approached to create a WordPress based website for a small company. That ended up being my first WordPress project.

Interesting reads - week #1

Thu Jan 12 2017

Soooooo, I‘m thinking of doing some sort of weekly compilation of interesting articles and contents found on the web from web developers perspective.

WordPress issue: menu disappeared after saving

Wed Jul 29 2015

Recently I've ran into a serious pickle - WordPress menu disappeared on me after adding new items and clicking on "Save menu" button.

WordPress tip: Show posts without any category or even custom term

Fri Jan 30 2015

Recently I needed to show posts that weren't in any of the categories (for my custom archive page). It is a very common problem that you encounter when adding new custom post types to WordPress.

WordPress tip: Catching callbacks in admin

Tue Aug 06 2013

Useful WordPress hook that allows you to catch callbacks in WordPress admin.

Creating simple tasks app with Backbone.js and Slim micro framework

Tue Apr 16 2013

In a series of articles I’ll create simple task management web application based on Backbone.js. To save data and persist it to database I’ll use Slim PHP micro RESTful server.

Android JSON-RPC client and PHP Zend Framework server

Sat Jun 11 2011

XML-RPC rules, but the amount of data it generates is its big disadvantage. This is where JSON-RPC steps in. Data it generates is significally smaller, this isn’t suprising as JSON is known as fat free XML.

How to build PHP XML-RPC server, client and Android application

Wed Mar 23 2011

This article will show how to build PHP XML RPC server and how to consume provided services with PHP and an Android application as a client. PHP side of things will be built on top of Zend Framework and for Android will be using very thin XML RPC library android-xmlrpc.