About me

My name is Luka Peharda and I'am a PHP & JS developer with over 10 years of experience!

Currently I'm working for OptimizePress crafting bespoke checkout experience and integrating a lot of externals services and APIs into a seamless flow.

Beside working on OptimizePress payment system, I'm also developing Kourses, an online course & membership platform.

You can check some of my active personal projects here, past, failures and on-going projects here, and links to my social network profiles are in the bottom of the page.

I'm also a co-organiser of a local developer meetup called Devz Meetup VaraĹždin.

I like to read a lot and listen to podcasts so if interested take a look at my recommendations.

Programming is more than a work for me. It is a calling :-) A mean to express myself creatively and to harness my brain power to create something that potenitally a lot of people will use. I won't lie, it can be frustrating, there are good and bad days, but more often than not it is exceptionally fullfilling.